Monthly Archives: January 2017

Planning a positive 2017

2016 was the first year that I have worked at a high school and like most other employees I have counted down to the holidays. Term 1 was pretty rough but we made progress in Term 2 & 3. Term 4 was relentless and although I hung in there – I definitely floundered. The big reward was easily having 5 weeks off with my 3 jarjums at the end of the year.

These holidays saw the mad rush leading up to Christmas and then we went away for a week visiting family where at times 11 little cuzzies played non stop. I enjoyed the madness however it has yet to slow down since I returned home. This week has consisted of a steady lot of visitors which has been lovely but exhausting. I have been playing endless hours of cards on these holidays, and now my 10 year old daughter has joined in. I enjoy her cheeky card banter and little competitive streak!

Today even included the rare event of my 3 jarjums and I having a long afternoon snooze, while hubby constructed new trampoline. Kids were also very excited!

The best part these holidays is being able to enjoy ‘being’ home.  Life was so busy in 2016 that at times I didn’t stop to enjoy my home or really unwind. We rarely got the time to maintain our gardens or do homely jobs.  We planted a herb garden a few months ago but since havent got into a regular therapeutic routine of watering the plants or keeping the plants alive!

In 2017 I will be keeping more time aside to do more around home and consciously enjoy my time off at home. I plan to ride to school with the kids on occasion and have more time to create nice/healthy meals for the family.   I look forward to benefitting from several wise work choices.  I think my little family will benefit too from my work life being less stressful. Choosing less stress and consciously planning my weeks = positive start to 2017.