Weekend at CIAF

Last month my family and I travelled to Cairns for CIAF. I knew that my jarjums would enjoy it and they did. They loved the art exhibition in the terminal liner (although I had to be wary of the two young boys near the art). My daughter loved the pop up art stalls and so did I. (I have a beautiful dilly bag from Moa Island hanging on my wall!) The whole family loved the dancing which I could have watched all day. My small ones LOVED the playground outside of the festival and would have been happy just to have gone their for the 3 days.

My only complaint is that I didn’t get to see enough or do any of the art workshops but at the time that was okay because I got to go to two other events that were next level. (I wont be mentioning the Bunnies v Cowboys game because of the score 😦 ).

WANDAN Fashion Show – I bought tickets for my daughter (who is 11) and I. We are not fashionistas but love live performances. This show was exciting from beginning to end. The music by DJ Mau Power set the mood as soon as we got there. (There is one track that I found later on by The Merindas that I couldn’t get out of my head). There were 3 dancers including Hans Ah Wang that moved throughout the show – they were hypnotising to watch and full of amazing energy. I was impressed by the sisters & brothers modelling. I loved seeing the designers and felt their pride when they appeared at the end of their set. It was undoubtedly beautiful seeing the Aunty from Mornington Island with their distinctive designs dance with Hans Ah Wang – such a beautiful moment. I also loved the ending where the models and designers all relaxed and let loose for a moment. During the show I could not keep my eyes off the wearable art – the necklaces, the earrings and headpieces. This definitely inspired me to try my hand at weaving this year. I highly recommend the fashion show – it was fantastic!

MY NAME IS JIMI – I also took my son and daughter to see My Name is Jimi, a play by Jimi Bani and his family. Seeing his mother, grandmother, brothers and his son on stage was heartwarming. This play had it all – education on Torres Strait Islander culture, humour, dancing – such strong storytelling. It really appealed to both of my children who wont be forgetting the play anytime soon. On my return I also took 3 high school children to My Name is Jimi to the Billie Brown Theatre, South Brisbane for work. I wasn’t sure how they would react but each loved the play and really connected with the story. One of the mothers of the student that I took said that it planted a seed with her child who was hungry for more knowledge of his ancestry. I also enjoyed the play just as much the second time around!

This was such a great weekend that I have another girlfriend wanting to come up next year! Hope I get to go!

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